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About company
About company
About company

Strict compliance with our obligations is an integral part of our business relationship with our partners.

Closed joint-stock company "EASTWAY" has been in the market since 2003, working with the transportation of light and heavy vehicles, including disassembly.

The main business of the company is the purchase of cars and trucks of various kind, as well as buses in Lithuania and Europe, their further dismantling, if needed, and shipping to the customer. In addition, dispatching of all kinds of cars, trucks or other vehicles in rail carriages, car carriers or 20-40 ft. containers.

With regard to one of the activities of the company – namely disassembly – we offer a wide range of services for the search, purchase, shipping and disassembly of buses, cars, trucks or special vehicles.

Customs warehouse.
Registration of customs documents. Customs clearance of goods on the territory of Belarus and Russia. Our specialists will undertake all the work on registration of the export and customs clearance of your goods, both on the territory of the EU and on the territory of Belarus and Russia. Long-term experience allows us to guarantee not only the successful customs clearance of the goods sent by our company, but also the reduction of required terms.
Proper arrangement of all types of customs documents and declarations, maximum reduction in the time of customs clearance is another factor in successful cooperation with our partners.

We will pick up, deliver and custom clear any vehicle you might be interested in. We will provide a complete set of documents after customs clearance.

Our company has a secure parking lot of 300 vehicles and an automated loading ramp for vehicles stored on car carriers or brought by rail carriages.

In addition, we own a ramp for unloading 20-40 ft. containers received by our company. This allows us to unload the vehicles in our territory and dispatch them to the customer by rail or other transport.

Our company has all the necessary equipment, permissions as well as qualified personnel for the dismantling of vehicles.